Fixturing / Tooling

For difficult or complex projects, fixturing or tooling may be required for laser cutting to eliminate warping and hold the tighter tolerances.

When required, we have the expertise and design experience to create any needed fixtures to ensure accuracies.  In some cases where fixtures are required, our engineers can help make sure the tooling is created in a cost effective way.

Engineering Support for Laser Cutting Tooling

If fixtures are necessary, our engineers will know how to design them for you and how to use them. While almost “anyone” can cut a part, we know how to hold it while it’s being cut to eliminate any movement from heat.

We can heat flatten after production. We know how to minimize deflection.  While we are a small company that provides personal service, we are a group of trained professionals.

Our engineers, with degrees in mechanical engineering, will review the required materials. They know how to eliminate problems before they start, optimize process and hold tolerances.