Laser Cutting Equipment

Laser cutting maintains the material strength of steel while a computerized control system provides consistent quality in every part.

We are proud to be using a TRUMPF TRUMATIC 3030 with TL 4000 resonator for our laser cutting projects. TRUMPF is the largest manufacturer of fabricating equipment and industrial lasers in North America.

Our TRUMPF TRUMATIC 3030 with TL 4000 resonator can cut flat parts in mild steel up to 0.8” thick stainless steel up to 0.6” think and aluminum up to 0.3” thick.

Precision Laser Cutting







Laser cutting gives you smooth-edged parts with no burrs and little distortion, and our production is faster and more accurate than other metal fabrication methods. The TRUMATIC features highly accurate cutting paths to accommodate tight tolerances and to ensure proper results on every part, from simple to complex.

The team at Precision Laser Cutting Services has received extensive training on the proprietary TRUMPF software in order to produce the best quality finished products to meet your specific needs. The capabilities of this software are extensive, meaning a greater range of possibilities and precision in your finished product. It allows us to design quickly, conveniently and appropriately for sheet metal. As a result, we are able to offer a fast turnaround on programming and on all project quotes.