Welcome to Precision Laser Cutting Services

Welcome to Precision Laser Cutting Services, located in Akron, Ohio.

At Precision Laser Cutting Services, our business philosophy is simple: Manufacture a product to do the job, produce it with consistent, high quality and deliver it on time, with a competitive price.

We have more than 50 years of experience designing laser-cut patterns. We will meet your laser cutting needs quickly and effectively.
Photo of Trumpf TruLaser 3030 courtesy of TRUMPF used by permission

Laser cutting:

• Is faster than other cutting methods.
• Is more accurate than other metal fabrication methods.
• Is Able to maintain the material’s strength.
• Follows a highly accurate cutting path.
• Results in smooth edge parts.
• Is faster and more accurate than other metal fabrication methods.

We meet the tight tolerances required for precision parts and complex parts for many industries, including:
• Fabricators
• Tool & Die Shops
• Assemblers
• Model Shops
• Prototype Houses
• Metal Stampers
• Industrial Manufacturers

Never encounter scheduling problems when ordering flat laser-cut parts again! Thanks to our TRUMPF TRUMATIC 3030 laser cutting machine, we have the capacity you need now to get your parts cut quickly.

With the TRUMATIC, we can cut aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Equipped with an automatic pallet changer and Load Master, we can accommodate sheets up to 5 ft. x 10 ft. for continuous production. The TRUMATIC features highly accurate cutting paths to ensure the proper results on every part, from simple to complex.

Rapid Quote Return
Whether you need one piece or a thousand pieces, email us your CAD design and we’ll return a quote to you within one business day. We also provide pick-up and delivery service within Northeast Ohio. Our quick turnaround and small order capabilities make us ideally suited to making parts for prototyping and repair. Our CAD-driven system and ability to check major dimensions against specifications mean your part will be exactly what you need.
Our location is in Summit County, conveniently accessible from Northeast Ohio and beyond.

Laser Metal Cutting
The laser can handle a variety of cutting tasks. Where a focused laser beam strikes the work piece or material, it heats the material so much that it melts or vaporizes. Once the laser has completely penetrated the piece, the cutting process begins. The laser beam moves along the desired contour, melting the material as it progresses. Typically, a stream of gas blows the melted material downward, out of the cut. The gap left behind is barely wider than the focused laser beam itself.

It is like using an acetylene torch, but only with a much higher precision of outcome. The process still uses an assist gas (in our case, nitrogen) to blow steel out but again, with a very high level of precision. Using nitrogen also helps keep the parts clean during the cutting process. Oxygen will leave a black edge that would need to be removed in a secondary operation which would add more time and cost to remove it.